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We are assembling a core team to live and work together on a land-based community in New Mexico this summer.

This team will activate the center, recruit and support fellows, fundraise and build out a think tank to assess existing policy, developing relationships with transformational policy writers, and generate content on our behalf.  

PM of fellows program

PM policy intelligence team

Director of CR

We are currently recruiting for the following roles:

  • Director of Civilization Redesign

  • Fellows Program Manager

  • Intelligence Program Manager

  • Communications Manager

  • Administrator

Civilization Redesign is an arm of One Nation Life, 501(c)3, a public political education non-profit organization.  Civilization Redesign, and it’s parent organization, One Nation Life, do not endorse any candidates, parties, or advocate or lobby for policies. Activities of Civilization Redesign are solely oriented around policy research and development with all materials publicly published.

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