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Civilization Redesign: Origin Story

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

The initial idea for the policy research center was written in a white paper in 2017 providing a vision of a network of One Nation political organizations that could help to birth a new domain of political organizing called the ‘Political Rise’ (term coined subsequently):

  • One Nation Action (501(c)4 not yet legally registered) is a political advocacy group.

  • One Nation Life (501(c)3) is a research and arts non-profit organization that is able to explore the policies required for a future all-win human civilization.

With a new party, new advocacy group, and new policy development network, defined by a new paradigm of all-win politics and a new domain of political organizing–the political rise–this network stands the possibility of catalyzing a renaissance of civic engagement outside of the traditional left or right. This overarching vision was drafted by Christopher Life and over the next three years he, along with his wife Sophia Life and a small team of dedicated volunteers, have worked to bring this vision to life.

These works have all been initiated and funded by grassroots efforts.

Civilization Redesign is the all-win policy research and development arm of One Nation Life and we are proud to be launching our first Fellows Program to empower visionaries to convert their ideals of the future into implementable policies that can help us get there.

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Civilization Redesign is an arm of One Nation Life, 501(c)3, a public political education non-profit organization.  Civilization Redesign, and it’s parent organization, One Nation Life, do not endorse any candidates, parties, or advocate or lobby for policies. Activities of Civilization Redesign are solely oriented around policy research and development with all materials publicly published.

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