Now is the time for a renaissance of civic engagement. We believe the heart of this rebirth will be all-win public policies generated by those with vision, passion and leadership to step forward and show us how to rise above our current iteration of human civilization into what comes next.


Our immediate goal is to raise up to $50,000 to activate and move up to 10 civilization redesign policy projects through Stages One and Two.  80% of funds raised will be shared directly with fellows as research stipends. 10% of funds will be used for the development and growth of the Civilization Redesign program and 10% for the administration and further development of the parent organization, One Nation Life.


This initial funding will serve as a catalyst to attract additional fellows and funding to empower hundreds of more fellows and teams with stronger support structures in the months and years ahead. 


If you are ready for deep restructuring of society and have resources to contribute to this platform and its fellows, please consider making a financial contribution here, or contact us directly. Your partnership will enable us to normalize ‘Civilization Redesign’ & ‘All-Win Policy’, aggregate and capacitate civilization redesigners, cultivate support networks and promote innovations.

Now is time for bold transformational leadership in every way possible, including your financial participation.




You are formally invited you to play a role in civilization redesign by enabling the all-win policies of the future, and those passionate about creating them. 


Now is the time to direct financial resources into systemic transformation solutions. Our work aims to fill the holes left by the current think tank landscape with a special focus on all-win process and design for systems change. 


With greater capacity we can support more fellows, create stronger programming for fellows, generate detailed reports and educational Civilization Redesign content, and attract policy experimentation and review support.

You can make a tax-deductible contribution to One Nation Life 501(c)3 to sponsor the rollout of the research center and help us achieve our first key milestones.

If you would like to make a contribution over $5,000 to the Civilization Redesign Fund, please email us to make arrangements.


If your intention is to make a one-time donation to support the Civilization Redesign organization, click here:

Civilization Redesign is an arm of One Nation Life, 501(c)3, a public political education non-profit organization.  Civilization Redesign, and it’s parent organization, One Nation Life, do not endorse any candidates, parties, or advocate or lobby for policies. Activities of Civilization Redesign are solely oriented around policy research and development with all materials publicly published.

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