How can we use the power of policy to help heal trauma, eradicate disease, establish food security, go zero-waste and carbon neutral? To regenerate threatened ecosystems, build community and belonging, activate our children’s genius, drive innovation and improve quality of life for all? 

UPDATE: We are inviting applications but will not be accepting more fellows in 2020.

We are currently inviting applications for our Fellows Program (beta).  We are seeking the first 10 fellows - individuals or teams who are inspired to develop systems, patterns and templates based upon direct life experience, research and an innate sense of passion and interest.


Fellows are looking for a context to work part or full-time on their research, raise non-profit funding to support their research, and surround themselves with a supportive community, advisory and funding network. Each fellow will agree to a schedule of deliverables designed to empower them in progressing their research and mission.  


If you have vision of a pattern, template, process or policy that could transform how human civilization operates, please fill out a Fellows Application here:


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All-Win Policy must go through standard stages of development.  We are open to accepting applications at any stage of the process, though we are initially building capacity to support those at Stage One. Each subsequent step will generally require more time and more resources as ideas become reality.

Stage One: Publish Initial Paper

Societal innovation articulated and policy notion established, through publishing initial paper, which includes a clear theory of change supported by driving questions, stakeholder assessment, appreciative inquiry, conceptual research and interviews.

Stage Two: Publish Verified Paper

Initial paper is circulated to advisors and stakeholders for review and feedback, with the goal of all stakeholders deeming its theoretical implementation and results as a ‘win.’ A Second iteration of the paper is published that integrates all feedback to refine the original policy proposal.

Stage Three: Initial Small-Scale Experimentation

A small-scale experiment is run to explore the real-world results of the policy proposal. Results and feedback are integrated to devise a second, robust experiment.

Stage Four: Additional, Larger-Scale Experimentation

Subsequent experiments are run at various scales to explore the all-win value of policy proposal.

Stage Five: Policy Advocacy & Deployment

Policy proposal is ready for advocacy, implementation, and further scaled up implementation.



Thank you for expressing your interest in applying to our beta program. 


The Civilization Redesign Fellowship Program is designed to bring fellows through a clear process of research and experimentation, with a potential pathway to full-time dedication supported by an ecosystem of advisors, storytellers, donors and service providers. 


Our first 10 fellows in our beta program will receive web presence, non-profit fundraising capacity, access to a network of advisors and potential collaborators, content and other resources to empower their work through each stage of policy development. 


Applications will be evaluated based on creativity, suggested impact, how developed their thinking is, and readiness to go all-in.


Each application is reviewed carefully and may involve one or more interviews with the applicant. Within seven days, we will email you to let you know if your application has made it through our initial stage of vetting. You can expect to hear back from us within 30 days if you have been accepted into the program. 

Applicants are encouraged to share pieces of their application on social media to start conversations. Detailed instructions will appear after clicking Submit.

Please write to with any questions or comments.


Civilization Redesign is an arm of One Nation Life, 501(c)3, a public political education non-profit organization.  Civilization Redesign, and it’s parent organization, One Nation Life, do not endorse any candidates, parties, or advocate or lobby for policies. Activities of Civilization Redesign are solely oriented around policy research and development with all materials publicly published.

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