A policy is a template, pattern, norm or initiative that informs how a system operates, how resources are allocated, what is permissible and the consequences of noncompliance of the policy within the system.  Public policy informs how various government bodies operate, and other types of policy can inform how organizations, networks, systems, communities, or even individuals operate.   


Government is widely shaped by policies designed for some to win while others lose. Whether cultural or economic, win-lose policies are created and the voting process is then used as a form of non-violent warfare to determine which group will win and which will lose. 


All-win policy is conceived of and designed with the intention that all stakeholders experience a net positive gain as a result of policy adoption.


The accountability of all-win policy is not just for the benefit of all people, but all populations of life on Earth. 


There are many exciting ideas and visions about how to redesign civilization. We won’t all be able to experience them until they are crafted as scaleable, implementable all-win policy. Key elements of all-win policy include:


What defines all-win policy is the process by which it is developed. It is not created in a theoretical vacuum, but with a range of stakeholders who come into relationship with it as it emerges and a methodical experimentation process that enables the ideas to be challenged and verified before any policy proposal is made.


A generation of all-win policy in every sector is needed to shape the new era of humanity. All-win policy requires us to pursue a profound understanding of reality, a deep care for all people and all forms of life, an earnest intent to serve the whole, the ability to integrate diverse perspectives, and a humility to experiment, evolve our thinking and iterate.


The purpose of all-win policy is not for any one stakeholder to gain, but for all to gain together. All-win policy requires a certain creativity to discover new solutions that do not result in a compromise between stakeholders, but a true win because an innovative new solution meets the needs of all better than previous options could. All-win policy seeks to minimize unintended consequences and modify itself as externalities are revealed through the phases of experimentation and scale. 


All-win policy is designed to have the maximum scale impact. This means that it is either something that can be self-implemented by individuals, communities and organizations as a template, or that it is designed to integrate with government departments, public budgets and administrative capacities. Some policies may be relevant at the national or international level, others may be relevant at the municipal level.

Civilization Redesign is an arm of One Nation Life, 501(c)3, a public political education non-profit organization.  Civilization Redesign, and it’s parent organization, One Nation Life, do not endorse any candidates, parties, or advocate or lobby for policies. Activities of Civilization Redesign are solely oriented around policy research and development with all materials publicly published.

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